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Edna pool to reopen

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer

After a year in which it was barely able to open at all due to Covid 19 restrictions, the newly renovated Edna City Pool will reopen on May 22.

Zachariah Reynolds, YMCA Aquatics Director and the person in charge of overseeing the Edna Pool says the renovation will be completed by the end of this week.

“There are brand new lane lines, the pool has been completely replastered, the entire facility was repainted and all the necessary safety upgrades required by law were taken care of,” Reynolds said. “ We’ve got everything up to compliance for 2021. There is also brand new chlorination.”

The safety regulations concerning Covid didn’t force any new upgrades to the pool, but precautions are still being taken.
“There were no necessary upgrades revolving around Covid,” Reynolds continued. “We will make sure the staff and public is safe by cleaning all of the facilities day in and day out. This was part of our MO last season to ensure the safety of the public.”

After not being able to go out and do things last summer, Reynolds is expecting attendance at the pool to be very high this summer.

“Last year was rough because of the public fear of the pandemic and additionally we were required to shut down,” Reynolds explained. “Last year was an absolute nightmare.

“This year we will be opened full on and I think people will be wanting to come out and have fun. It will be a safe activity for people who want to come out. I think all city pools in the country are going to get inundated with people this summer.”

If the pool is very busy, they will need to employ more lifeguards.

“If we have 100 plus people per day, I’m going to need more than seven lifeguards out there. It would be tragic if we had enough people wanting to come have fun but were unable to because we had to have a smaller capacity because we were short on lifeguards. We need as many lifeguards as possible.

Anyone interested in becoming a lifeguard is encouraged to contact Reynolds at zreynolds@ymcavictoria.org or by calling 361-575-0511

The pool will open on Saturday May 22 at noon to start the season. Regular hours will be Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 630 p.m.

The fee is three dollars per day per person.


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