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Drawing Attention

By: Jazmine Contreras

Staff Writer

    Christopher Tupa is a children’s book writer and has been for many years.

    “I grew up reading comics, and books and watching cartoons for years, so it’s in my blood since I was a tiny child,” Tupa said.

    Tupa has a wife and two children. He was born in Rockdale and moved to Australia for two years. He then moved to Indiana until sixth grade and began building roots in Texas.

    “I met my wife in high school, we married and moved to Austin to go to UT and lived there for ten years. When our daughter was one, we moved to Edna to be closer to family and have been here for fifteen years,” he commented.

     When asked who inspired him to write children’s books, Tupa answered, “ As a teen, I read a lot of comics and that got me into making my comics and graphic novels. I still read comics today. There is so much great content out there today. I love being able to create things and make stories, and now with the Internet, there is inspiration everywhere, and I also wanted to write a book for my son.”

    Tupa’s first appearance in a published book was called “Playing with Toys.” He is featured in the book alongside twelve other authors. The book was published in 2014 and is about different types of toys collected as kids and the adventures were made while playing with them.

    Tupa’s most recent book is a coloring book filled with vehicles of WW2, featuring art he designed himself.

    Tupa’s top-rated book on Amazon is called “The S-CORP Incident: a SCP Foundation Book.” The book was published on December 2, 2019, and has a four and a half stars rating.

    In total, Tupa has eleven books issued on Amazon that vary from chapter books, art books, sketch journals, and several more in the making.

    Tupa has artwork featured in ten or so different books. He also has illustrations on a website called Restroist.

    The name speaks for itself as the page is filled with throwback cartoons and articles about popular items from way back when.

    In his spare time, Tupa does commissions for people, watercolor paintings, and sketches and recently has been doing illustrated reviews that have been ran in the Houston Chronicle and the Houston food finder website.

    Furthermore, Tupa will be having TV and movie-related reviews featured in a few genre magazines coming out within the next couple of months.

         “I still watch cartoons almost every day and they continue to inspire me,” Tupa concluded.

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