A den of Lions

By Millie Diaz
Managing Editor
    Over 47,000 Lions Clubs around the globe hold meetings, and the motto stays the same: We serve. “Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion,” the international website says.
    A six-pack of Canadian Lions members lived up to that promise the day before the Edna Lions held their annual Chili Supper on Feb. 8.
    Deidra Whitley got the call they were visiting. “I let it go to voicemail because I didn’t know anyone from Ontario. I was surprised when I heard the message,” she said.
    On Feb. 1 Edna Lions checked their emails to learn about the travelers to Texas. They were staying at Brackenridge Park and would be joining Edna’s club for the weekly Tuesday meeting.
    So Edna Lions welcomed Deb and Charlie Hulet of Ingersoll Lions, Mary and John Rothwell of the Strathroy-Caradoc Club, and Lorea and Rudy Boogerman of Innerkip Lions on Feb. 6 with a bag of goodies, including a ticket for the Chili Supper on Thursday.
    The six shared their clubs’ history and Lions of both nations compared notes on projects and laughed about stereotypical assumptions of Texans and Canadians.
    When Edna members appeared for duty the following day to prepare for the Chili Supper they found three Canadian couples sharing their smiles and service. Jobs that would’ve taken fours hours were completed in half the time.
    “We never would’ve finished that fast without them,” Dennis Ray said. “Not a chance.”
    Then Feb. 8, Chili Supper day, the visiting Lions showed up early to help set up and stayed the entire time.
    “We’re never going to forget the Chili Supper of 2018 because of them,” Gina Walker said.
    The trio of couples plan to spend another few weeks in Texas, and attend other local meetings before snaking up to Kerrville to see the Texas Lions Campgrounds.
    “At our next meeting we’re going to serve them Jova’s enchiladas so they can eat Tex-Mex food done right,” Whitley said.
    Volunteering service has a certain satisfaction to it, and Edna Lions experienced the gratefulness that comes as a result from the help of others when the tables are turned.
    Members sharing a common goal no matter where you go gives a familial sense that pays off in spades. Or Lions.

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