County officials preparing for eventual virus case

*From the 3/18 JCHT


    With the recent announcement by the City of Yoakum Office of Emergency Management – in conjunction with Lavaca County Office of Emergency Management and DeWitt County Office of Emergency Management –  citing the first confirmed case of  Coronavirus in the immediate area, Jackson County officials are preparing for the virus.

    “As County Judge, I want Jackson County residents to know that we have been working closely with state and local officials over the last week to ensure that the county is prepared for the COVID-19 virus,” said Judge Jill Sklar.  “As our neighboring counties have already experienced, we are fairly certain that this virus will come to our county at some point. However, everyone should know that rather than panicking, we should use some vigilance and common sense.

 By doing so, we can reduce the amount of people who are infected.  Our goal is to not place too much strain on our local healthcare facility which means keeping the virus away from those over 65 and those with a compromised immune system.”

     Judge Sklar also advised that  local grocery and supply stores have always and will continue to get us the necessities that the community needs.

      “There is no need to purchase several weeks’ worth of supplies.  This will help everyone get the goods and supplies that they need,” said Sklar.

    Jackson County Emergency Management Coordinator Kelly Janica added that county officials are working closely with health care  providers and that he feels Jackson County is in good shape to handle an eventual case of the virus.            “We have been in constant communication with our health care leaders,” said Janica. “We are working closely with Jackson County Hospital District as well as reaching out to our assisted living facilities to make sure they have no unmet needs.  At this point, Jackson County is prepared and in good shape.

    “We ask that everyone continue to follow the recommendations that have been provided by state and federal healthcare officials. It is really quite simple, we all need to practice good hygiene and contact your doctor if you are not feeling well. If you are older than 65 or have a compromised immune system be cautious in getting out in the community.

          “Finally,’ Janica added, “even if you do not fall into the vulnerable population category, if you don’t have to get out and about don’t.  Social distancing is key to slowing the spread of this virus. Everyone has a responsibility to make good common-sense decisions.  We request that everyone be proactive.”

      Janica advised that citizens who have a non-essential event planned should seriously consider postponing it until a later date.

    “By keeping your distance from one another, you could be preventing spreading the virus to someone who may have a harder time recovering from it,” he said. 

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