Control fire on 111 N got out of control

A control fire that a resident thought had been put out, sparked back up and firefighters from Edna and Ganado responded.

The fire occured about 4 miles North of Hwy 59 on 111 N. around 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

The firemen were still in the process of ensuring the fire was completely out. "The fire was a controlled burn the resident thought they had put out but the fire was able to start back up," one firefighter said as he refilled the water tank on his truck. "The fire was getting close to the house of the resident when we got here so we immediately started working on stopping it there first."

"We went straight to the back when we got here," another fire man said. "The owner did have an old car and a tractor parked around back and the fire did get to those."

At 7 p.m., smoke still rose from the brush, and the fire trucks were still circling and shooting water to make sure the fire was completely out.

"We have it under control now," another fireman said. "We are making sure it is completely out this time."

Jackson County Herald Tribune

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