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From Cobra to model

By Jazmine Contreras

Staff Writer


     Georgia Schroeder has advice for any future models.

     “It’s not all that glamorous, know your worth, have morals, and understand how to stand your ground. This life isn’t forever so don’t go against what you believe. Everyone has their own path,” 

    Schroeder is a Industrial 2022 graduate and has taken a tall small town girls dream into a reality.

     Schroeder is 5’11 and is beautiful inside and out. In high school, she participated in organizations such as art and theatre, she was part of top of the class and graduated in early December of last year to begin her life. 

    “My grandpa always called me a model so I finally decided to try,” she said.  

     Schroeder is a full time model for an agency based in New York. She officially signed with them in December of 2020.

     “Freshmen year, I decided I wanted to become a model. I found Page Parkes modeling agency online and filled out their application. From there they called me and my mom and set up a day and time to meet,” Schroeder said.

     The Pages Park Corporation is highly acclaimed throughout the world as being the biggest and most instrumental modeling and acting company in the Southwest. 

    The corporation has a high success rate due to having stars like Channing Tatum and Angelina Jolie with their name. 

    To become a model usually, you must get scouted or know someone on the inside, but Schroeder took matters into her own hands and reached out to agencies. 

    In result, she was called back by Page Parkes agency with nine other models and was able to travel to New York for camp. 

    With Covid-19 at its highest, Schroeder’s modeling career had a small take off but was able to travel to Miami as well.  

     “Nothing happened for me career wise but I did make great friends!” She said.

     When Schroeder went to Miami, she was scouted out by another agency called Major Models. 

     She is now represented by both companies and 

has done over ten public events with them. 

     Her favorite time as a runaway model is getting ready for a showcase. 

     “Always surrounded by good people, music and snacks. The directors do a great job of taking care of us,” Schroeder said. 

       In the time of her career, she’s modeled for brands like Tootsie, designers such as Frederick Anderson and Fabian Renteria, and has been on the Vogue runaway website.

     She has always been interested in the model path but doesn’t plan for her career to take the long road. 

    When she graduated early, she went onto school and majored in graphic design but as of right now, she is taking a gap year and taking time to learn about herself. 

    She hopes in the future to have her own studio for creating 3D animations, or any designs. 

    “I can come off as extroverted but I really love my alone time,” she said. 

    Schroeder has modeled for almost two years now and still has the feeling of surrealness when walking the stage. 

   “Five years ago, I had a completely different look on life so no, I didn’t expect to become a model. I’ve always had an interest in this world though so I’m not surprised to find myself in it all these years later,” she mentioned.

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