Cobra Corner Burglarized

    Last week, the Cobra Corner convenience store in Vanderbilt was burglarized. Someone broke in, in the middle of the night to steal money and cigarettes. The person who broke in is already on the radar of nearby Sheriff’s Department for crimes committed in their county.

    “On August 22 at 3:29 a.m. dispatch received a call in reference to Cobra Corner’s front door being smashed in,” Jackson County Chief Deputy Rick Boone said. “The door is a double swing, glass door, and he shattered one of the doors to get inside. The crook made access to the inner office and we saw money and cigarettes were stolen after reviewing the video. He fled and left with a little less than $500 and cigarettes.”

    The thief may have broken into other stores in the area, if not for early opening hours.     “We did some follow up and he did frequent the areas of other stores and we do feel like he was probably casing some other ones, but those other stores on the southern end, the employees get there a little earlier, so they were already there,” Boone said.

    “Through the investigation we did get some information that led us to a particular person that we can’t reveal right now, but the Victoria P.D. is also looking at this same guy for some very similar type of crimes in Victoria.” 

Jackson County Herald Tribune

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Edna, TX 77957