18 wheeler creates multiple fires between Lake Texana and 111

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer     

An 18-wheeler caused six separate grass fires in Jackson County around 12:30 p.m on Wednesday.     

“There were several fires,” Edna Police officer Kent Bubela said. “The fires started around Lake Texana and the final one was by the America’s Best Value Inn.”     

The 18-wheeler to cause the fires came to a stop at the foot of the Hwy. 111 overpass.     

“The truck was throwing sparks,” Bubela said.     

Dry ground and long grass fueled the fires more quickly; multiple Jackson County fire trucks were on scene to keep the fires from spreading.

"The call originally came in as a Ganado Fire Department call," Fire Chief Kurt Janica said. "Calls continued coming in, saying there was another fire by Whataburger. There ended up being six grass fires total. The 18-wheeler had a problem with its suspension, so the trailer was dragging the ground and throwing sparks. It also caused the air bag to deploy, and the truck finally broke down."

Janica said all Jackson County fire departments, and Louise, responded but the fires were put out before Louise and Vanderbilt arrived.


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