Our House is Burning

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By John Meng, Managing Editor   It’s impossible to ignore the incredible significance of the decision we face on Nov. 3rd.     

Never has a single vote had so much at stake for every American and for the very existence of our republic. Once more, the choice before us has never been so clear cut. Our vote on Nov 3 will decide whether America remains a symbol of freedom and a country for which we can be proud to preserve for our children, grandchildren and other descendants. Or will we devolve into socialism, and leave future generations with poverty, misery and place them under the hard heel of tyranny.     

When our Founding Fathers risked their lives to declare independence from the tyranny of King George, were they fighting for freedom or for government control of their health care?     

When our fathers stormed the beaches at Guadalcanal and Normandy, were they fighting for liberty or for abortion on demand?     

When Martin Luther King Jr. declared that men should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, was he fighting for equality or for eliminating bonds for criminals and voting rights for felons?     

Our house is burning.     

Factions within our country seek to tear down the fabric of our American society. Violence in Democrat-led cities have been surreptitiously sanctioned. The checks and balances established by the Constitution are under attack. Leftist politicians refuse to answer questions “before the election” and the mainstream media refuses to hold them accountable.     

To this day, the Roman Republic is still the longest existing Republic the world has ever seen. Although bookended by hundred years of monarchy and 1,500 years of imperial rule, the Roman Republic lasted for 482 years (509 BC to 27 BC). By comparison, our republic is young. The United States has only existed for 244 years. Yet, the factors which led to the demise of the Roman Republic seem eerily familiar.     

Historians have chronicled the ways the Roman Republic – with a population once devoted to national service and personal honor – was torn to shreds by growing wealth inequality, partisan gridlock, political violence and pandering politicians. Some contend that the people of Rome chose to let their democracy die by not protecting their political institutions, eventually turning to the perceived stability of an emperor instead of facing the continued violence of an unstable and degraded republic.         

Whether it’s 27 BC or 2020 AD, one thing that does not change. When citizens look away as their leaders engage in corrupt behavior and put their own riches ahead of the people’s needs, the republic is in mortal danger.     

In less than two weeks, we have a critical choice to make. Will we choose liberty and freedom? Or, when we are in our Golden Years, do we want to sit in our rocking chairs and reminisce to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren about how, once upon a time, Americans were free?     

The choice is yours.

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