The News Never Stops

Challenges come in all forms — physical, financial and sometimes, more than we like to admit, even emotional. We challenge ourselves to lose weight. We face challenges at work in the form of sales goals or project deadlines.     

As the new publisher/editor of the Jackson County Herald-Tribune, I knew I had challenges ahead of me. After all, I had big shoes to fill. Chris Lundstrom left a strong legacy of leadership and community involvement.     

Today, we have a new challenge, one that some may feel is daunting and overwhelming; a challenge for which the solution seems as ethereal as a handful of smoke. It’s the Coronavirus.     

The virus – and most notably the media hype surrounding it – has disrupted lives, shut down public events, created product shortages at grocery stores, closed schools and businesses, and left thousands of Americans afraid to step outside.     

Yes, the Coronavirus has created new challenges for all of us, both personally and professionally. Social distancing is the word of the day, and people fear uncertainty.     

But, I can tell you that this is a challenge we at the Herald-Tribune are meeting head-on because the news never stops.     

For many people, the newspaper is the one constant in uncertain times. The Herald-Tribune will be there, as it’s always been there, to provide the news and information you need.     

The Jackson County Herald-Tribune has been the community’s source for news since 1906, and we will continue to be that source today and in the future.     

Newspaper people are resilient and driven. We are going to cover the news regardless of difficult times, hurricanes, state of disasters and, yes, even a tiny virus that seems to have all the promotional backing of the $700 billion media industry.     

Not only are we committed to bringing you the latest facts and information on all the news that matters in Jackson County, but we’re expanding our ability to bring you that news on a daily basis.   

 In this new climate of ‘self-quarantines’ and social distancing, we’re excited to offer area businesses new ways to reach existing and potentially new customers. The Herald-Tribune will soon be launching new programs that will include digital marketing and social media promotions to help businesses get their messages seen and heard.     

We take pride in delivering news and advertising messages throughout our community, and we’re happy to broaden our reach to serve everyone better.     Interestingly, more than once in this past week, someone has come up to me and said “You picked a fine time to take over.”     

I just smile and say “In for a penny, in for a pound.”     

As a newspaper publisher, I’m not afraid of challenges. Challenges come with the territory, as does our daily commitment to the community.     

The news never stops. And neither do we.

By John Meng, Publisher/Editor

Jackson County Herald Tribune

306 N. Wells
Edna, TX 77957