Lightning Strikes

By Michael Brooks

Staff Writer

“We survived the hurricane with no damage and then this freak lightning strike happens.”

When Kristie Wise got home from work on Sept. 18, she didn’t know lightening had struck. There were clues: a hole through the roof in their home gym, with the window air conditioner unit hanging, leaning out of the frame. The wood on the outside of the frame had flown a good 15 feet away, and inside, the frame was shattered and laying spread out all over the floor.

“I had no clue what struck our home,” Kristie Wise said. “My husband Greg was out of town, so I called him on a video chat and I told him that I have no idea.”

The more they surveyed the damage the more confused they became. Greg said he never even considered a robbery attempt because the door was unlocked and nobody would ever try to break in by making a hole through the roof. He asked Kristie if she could find anything laying around that could’ve been used to put a hole through the roof.

“We finally put a ‘poll’ question up on Facebook and that was when someone suggested lightning,” Greg said.



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